“Digital Marketing Can be challenging, Iceanic makes it simple”

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The key to finding new customers lies in their ability to find You.

From your social media profiles to you business website, we’ll identify what’s working and opportunists for improvement so you can get busy standing out from your competitors and connecting with more customers.

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Your Business is all we are about!

Iceanic is a groundbreaking marketing technology (martech) company that offers a full range of customer engagement tools to help businesses enhance the way they connect with customers, build loyalty, manage content and track results.

We help businesses of all types increase their visibility using turn key solutions, allowing our customers to get back to running their business while we work behind the scenes to get them results.

Iceanic’s mission is to help our customers grow the business, whether that is through our easy-to-use and affordable local marketing technology or a custom marketing campaign that we create implement and monitor.

Easily said, iceanic makes the complex simple.

Mandeep Birdi
Mandeep Birdi
CEO & Co-Founder

Mandeep, has over 20 year’s  Experience in IT, Mobile Telecommunications and the emerging financial technology space having had has carrier span a cross the US, UK Europe, Africa the Caribbean  and Central America region.

Stephen | soso
Stephen | soso
Chief Creative & Co-Founder

Creative, hands-on profession with experience in advanced art direction and project management.

Has over 7 year’s in Graphics Design & Fine Arts.

5 Top Tips For Digital Marketing

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